SSD Advisory – iBall Multiple Vulnerabilities

original post at SSD Advisory – iBall Multiple Vulnerabilities.Refer to CVE-2018-6387CVE-2018-6388.

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0x01 Vulnerabilities summary

The following advisory describes two (2) vulnerabilities found in iB-WRA150N devices, firmware 1.2.6 build 110401 Rel.47776n.

iB-WRA150N is “a powerful solution to Internet connectivity at home, small offices and work stations. The key is if you are using an ADSL2+ connection now and later decide to change to Broadband or vice-versa you don’t need to change your router. This iBall router is 2-in-1 and compatible to both – Broadband connection as well as ADSL2 connection (Telephone connection or cable operator connection). ”

The vulnerabilities found are:

  • Hard coded accounts
  • Remote command execution

0x02 Credit

An independent security researcher, maxki4x, has reported this vulnerabilities to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program.

0x03 Vendor response

We tried to contact iBall since December 20 2017, repeated attempts to establish contact were answered, but no details have been provided on a solution or a workaround.

0x04 Vulnerabilities details

  1. Hard coded accounts

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    Username: support
    Password: support

    Username: user
    Password: user

  2. Remote command execution

After we logged in to the victims router – using the hard coded accounts, we can trigger the second vulnerability and achieve remote command execution.

User controlled input is not sufficiently filtered, allowing user to inject arbitrary commands into ping test arguments in Diagnostics page.

By entering the following input in the ping test arguments in Diagnostics page, the attacker can get the /etc/passwd file: